Aqeel Fatmi


Dr. Aqeel Fatmi recently retired as Chief Science Officer and Executive Vice President of Global Research and Development at Patheon and Banner Life Sciences. Prior to the acquisition of Banner by Patheon, Dr. Fatmi served on the global leadership team as Global Vice President of Research and Development, Operations and Supply Chain Management. Prior to joining Banner, Dr. Fatmi was a co-founder of the Georgia Combinatorial Chemistry Center at Georgia State University with a focus on discovering small molecule and biologics for cancer, HIV, and other infectious diseases. Dr. Fatmi spent a large part of his career at Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc., where he served as Vice President of Preclinical Research and Senior Vice President of Research and Development with a responsibility for the development, approval, and launch of new drugs in four therapeutic areas; namely, CNS, Cardiovascular, Gastroenterology and Hormone Replacement Therapy. Dr. Fatmi has significant experience and expertise in small molecule discovery and the development of solid orals, injectables, transdermals, abused deterrent opioids and drugs associated with rare diseases. Dr. Fatmi has more than 35 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry from The University of Georgia, where he also did a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in the Department of Chemistry. He is well-published and holds numerous patents. Dr. Fatmi serves on various industry and educational boards, including his current position as a Board Member and Operating Consultant at PLD Acquisitions LLC, a TCP portfolio company.